Arduino-Eclipse-03-First Project with arduino & custom Libraries

I continue my exploration in the world of Arduino and Eclipse.

My first project will be to download the project “TNode-TGateway” inspired by Tim Wilkinson (aanon4) itself inspired by Felix Rusu (LowPowerLab) library on github.

The aim is to create a project in Eclipse and download the “Gateway” in Node MW (Miniwireless).

Give a name :

Select the platform :

A project is created with a default cpp file :

I copy-paste the contain of the file “TGateway.ino” taken from the site Anarduino.

the underlined code indicates taht there are unresolved resources :

We need to add the library.

or right click on the project and “Import” :

Then :

We can select the libraries :

Remark : Personal libraries are located in a folder defined in preference : windows → Preference → Arduino. I have copied into the folder “D:\fichiers\Arduino\EclipseLibraries\” the library “RFM69-master” from LowPowerLab.

First compile :

It should terminate successfully :




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