1        INTRODUCTION.        

2        INSTALLING THE IDE.        

3        JEELIB        

3.1        Arduino : How to Install Jeelib Library.        

  1. Introduction.

The Arduino provide an open-source IDE for the arduino devolpment. Program called “sketches” can be edited.

  1. Installing the IDE.

We need to perform the IDE installation.

This process is fully described on the Getting Started with Arduino page : arduino-1.0.5-r2-windows.exe


There are several examples in folder : E:\Program2\Arduino\examples\

  1. JeeLib

The library is documented here :

This is a collection of classes to use with jeelabs products.

  1. Arduino : How to Install Jeelib Library.

Download the library :  → download ZIP →

Follow this tutorial :

You have to change the name of the folder inside the ZIP file to ba able to import it in the Arduino IDE.


Then verify : load the test1.ino

Compile it.


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